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Double Square is our simplest, very effective barrier fabric mask.

Square in shape with two ply in the center to allow space for nose and mouth space.

Made with 99.99 Maxima barrier fabric and elastic bands that you can tie the first time to have the most comfortable setting every time.

You can wash it 1000s of times without loosing barrier capabilities, also you can use chlorine, Gamma, Autoclave, etc to disinfect, without loosing any barrier capabilities.


Kids size Measures:        3.3 x 6.1 in.      weights 1.057 ounces         tested 1000 washes


Kids Size                                3.3 x 6.1  in. closed           5.75 x 6.1  in. open

Women Slim Adult            4.0 x 6.7 in. closed           6.35 x 6.7 in. open

Adults                                    4.4 x  7.4  in. closed          7.5 x  7.4   in. open

Kids Double Square Mask

SKU: 0001
$6.25 Regular Price
$5.00Sale Price
  • This Fabric is made by one of the best mills in the USA, and its called BARRIER FABRIC, because  of its HIGH DENSITY CONSTRUCTION, meaning the weaving is so tight, and it is pressed with 90 tons of Heated Pressure, so it becomes a barrier nothing goes thru its 99.99 barrier.  


    Kids Size

    Women Slim Adult


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