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Presenting Safe Grip, our safest stay put mask, if you need to have a mask that stays in place with regular activities and play, this is the mask, we created an adaptive design to the face and allowed to protect on the sides too, it grips from the back with a vel cro stripe, and stabilizes from the ear with an adaptive elastic band. Available in 3 sizes, Kids, Adult Slim and Adult. Made with Maxima fabric that is 99.99 BARRIER, calendered to 70 tons, and can withstand 1000s of washes, chlorine, gamma and autoclave without loosing any barrier capabilities.


Donate Lot includes 20 (Twenty)  Safe Grip or Double Square masks,

choose style, size and color


Kids Size                                10.01 x 4.85 in. at center crease nose to under chin

Women Slim Adult            11.50 x  5.55 in. at center crease nose to under chin

Adults                                     12.55 x  6.15 in. at center crease nose to under chin

Donate Safe Grip Masks (20)

$177.50 Regular Price
$150.88Sale Price
  • This Fabric is made by one of the best mills in the USA, and its called BARRIER FABRIC, because  of its HIGH DENSITY CONSTRUCTION, meaning the weaving is so tight, and it is pressed with 90 tons of Heated Pressure, so it becomes a barrier nothing goes thru its 99.99 barrier.  


    Kids Size

    Women Slim Adult


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