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Frequently Ask Questions

​How Do I Place An Order?​

Very Easy, click on SHOP and place your order, you can pay with PayPal or any credit card.

If you are an avid Ebay buyer, you can find us on Ebay, just search for block9999

We are also on and we ship very fast

On Amazon, we were there but new policies prohibit the sale of anything surgical ppe etc, so not there.

Can I wash my mask?

YES, you can even use some chlorine, soap anything that you use regularly.

You can wash it everyday along with your clothes or not and this will last for long time without losing effectiveness.

If you work at a Hospital or Clinic, you can use the Autoclave, GAMMA or ETO, 

Can I iron it?

Yes, but you dont need to.  Wash and dry, wear repeat.

If you wash it at work, hang to dry and wear.

How long do they last?

OK, we know the fabric lasts for really long time, they are well constructed, so that also helps, we made the first ones in February 2020, and we keep using them and washing on a daily basis, we are the test persons, its August and they are perfect.

Will they lose efficacy overtime?
NO, never,  this fabric and the filtration characteristics are not chemical, but mechanical, meaning there is not a chemical that helps to block particles, but the mechanics of how they weave the fabric and then they press the fabric with 70 tons to seal the spaces and make them super tiny..see pecs, so no small particles go thru only air to breathe.
Compared to blue medical masks are this better?

YES, why?  two things, this lasts longer than the blue ones, that you breathe and get wet with your mouth, by talking and breathing, and once the blue mask is wet losses its characteristics to protect.

And savings..  calculate how many mask you will need in a month or a year, compared to 2 of ours, the savings are brutal.  Even one blue a day means you spent $150+ dollars a year, and they only work for less than an hour before they get wet.

Compared to cloth masks are this better?

Definitely, the spaces in the fabric is what matters, so regular cloth have large spaces, everything goes thru, so no protection for the wearer, and yes protection for others as your aerosols wont go far. So for the safety of the person wearing the mask the difference is 1 to 100

Savings-wise why are this masks better?

Of course,   do your math..

how many you need a day to be properly protected? 

of course this depends on what you do and where...

you can go from 1 a day to several, then multiply for the number of days you wear in one year, then multiply by the price you pay for each.


1 a day times 365 day in one year times .50 cents each... $180 usd

3 a day times 350  times .50  more than $500

to have the same or less protection than our masks.

Are the masks made in China?

No, the fabric is from Burlington in North Carolina, we designed the mask and cut the fabric in Texas , sewing was done in Mexico and we ship them form our warehouse in Texas, providing local customer service.

Payment & Shipping

We accept all credit cards

You do not need to have a PayPal account, PayPal is only our card processor.

Shipping is fast with USPS first class or Priority Mail that takes 2-3 days on average anywhere in the continental US

Returns & Refunds

Try one first, before you buy 200, these masks are personal, and due to current situation, we cannot accept any returns, We guarantee the mask against ant factory defects, but there is no returns.

Thank you for shopping with us!    Be safe!!
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